Mission Statement

Our mission at Shepherd Heights Limited is to create a unique concept in care.  Each resident at Meadow View will be nurtured, valued and encouraged to achieve a quality of life.

Equal Opportunities

Shepherd Heights Limited believes in treating all clients, and employees equally. No client or employee shall receive favourable treatment or consideration on the grounds of race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender or marital status, or be disadvantaged by any condition of employment or requirement that cannot be justified on operational grounds.


Shepherd Heights promotes a culture that is supportive of continuous improvement through auditing and reviewing of standards of performance in all aspects of the organisation.  Our staff at Meadow View consistently strive for excellence.
The Residents are at the Centre of our Care, this includes:

* Person-Centred Care Planning

* Involvement from Families, Professionals and any other agency’s

* Support for the resident’s families

* Listening to clients and their families about their wishes.

Empowering Residents

* Various daily opportunities

* Access to community facilities

* Helping clients to reach their full potential and support their independence.

* Enabling clients to achieve greater control over their lives, leading to greater fulfilment.

Personal development for staff

* Continuous Personal Development through regular staff supervision

* A broad based training programme

* Specialised training available

Shepherd Heights disseminate a culture of continuous learning and development within the organisation, leading to a workforce with enhanced competencies and a variety of skills and experience.